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Project Life. Hä?

So, its been a while. During coming back to my normal life I was thinking of kind of therapy for myself. Like keeping an art journal and make daily sketches or… having a project life album! So I will try both 🙂

I never ever thought I would try out PL (Project Life), but I was so inspired by all these magnificent works in the blogs of many talented women! First I was just following Michelle’s blog( and was wondering about those 30×30 plastic pockets filled with photos, tiny deco and lots of text. At this point of time I didn’t believe that it might make any sense to me, and why should it? I have photos digitally stored or being posted in facebook for example, or instagram. But after some weeks and months I was touched by her style and she and other PL contributors made it to hit my heart! Now I can SEE that it’s indeed great to have it! It’s not only another way of organizing and storing photos, it’s a certain way of life!

So where do I start now? It seemed to be all so easy – just print photos 10×15 or square from instagram, insert some journaling tags – ready! But the moment I started printing my own photos I began to question myself – which size shall I print exactly?… I want to put the photo to the paper and write some text, so it has to be a bit smaller.. alright. So which size you say? After couples of failed attempts I figured out more or less the size and that already took me hell lots of time! At least now I know 🙂

Actually I also decided for myself that I wont have 2 pages for every week, it’s simply too much for my routine life! Otherwise I would be adding same photos all over again, I don’t have kids to surprise me every day 🙂 No rule so far, but maybe 3-4 pages a month. Oh, let’s see.

So here comes my first week!





I was struggling with the language so much! My mother tongue is Russian, currently I live in Germany and supposed to learn German, but I prefer English. So I guess my PL will be a mix of 3 those languages.



That was Christmas indeed, I am not mistaken 🙂 Orthodox Christmas.





4 thoughts on “Project Life. Hä?

  1. Olga says:

    Absolutely gorgeous moments and layouts of them! I liked those blue dotted letter of “jan” 🙂
    By the way – was “pirogi” by intention written like this? 🙂

  2. Michelle Wooderson says:

    I love your spread for PL. You did great and your style is wonderful. Thank you for leaving a nice comment and your link on my blog and for mentioning me here too. Good luck with your PL!!!

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