Project Life, Scrapbooking

Project Life Week 2

Hello there 🙂

It’s a shame it took me more than a week to make pictures from my Project Life Week 2 spread. Weekend is the only time I am home when there is still some light left, working full time during the winter sucks, frankly speaking…

But here it goes! You can see more detailed pictures from the vellum parts here:


So this is the overview of the page with vellum elements. By the way, this bird is here right now, jumping outside and spying on me! 😉


Meanwhile I am starting to get obsessed with aqua/turquoise colours as you might notice.  Yesterday I’ve seen such an awesome pair of shoes, must have! Now I am thinking to go back to the shop and actually buy them, though the price is a bit too high for me. But this colour!…..


Here comes more about my hobbies/obsessions. I love fencing! And that day was the first one after the Christmas vacation.


That is the second page. I am making so many spelling mistakes (and others :)) so maybe I must consider typing it on my PC and printing the journaling..


I like a lot how colour of this spread turned out. This photo collage which says Today and Yesterday was made with the help of iPhone app, it’s nice, but it reduces the quality of the pictures too much, so it looks nice only in the instagram. But the photo says the truth! One day was so warm and sunny and the next day everything was covered in snow.


Oh, right. That was my “crying out” doodling on Sunday 🙂



Those two journalling cards Winterzeit and a snowflake were pure experiment. I am the one who likes to invent bicycles 🙂 So I was trying to design my own cards.


And last but not least my favourite of the whole spread. And of my life 😉 Is my cello of course. That day I was glad to start practising again after a break.


And now I will go back to my week 3 which is almost done 🙂

Monday, please, don’t come! Still actual! 😀


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