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Project Life | Week 7


Finally I’ve managed to post the pictuers of the finished spread for the week 7. Those who follow me in instagram have probaly seen some sneak peaks from this week, so here are more details.
Honestly, I’ve already finished week 8 & 9 meanwhile, and this is yet to come.

Наконец-то я дошла до комьютера, чтобы поделиться фотографиями седьмой недели, те, кто в инстаграме, уже наверняка видели частично этот разворот. Тем временем я уже успела сделать 8-ую и 9-ую недели, надеюсь, фотографии будут уже совсем скоро.


This is the left side. Mostly it’s about a short trip to Strasbourg, no sight-seeing photos this time, as it was too cold and I am visiting this place quite often, so I just hit my to-do list which included getting some awesome french cakes 😉
Also you can see my attempt to carve a rubber arrow stamp, which surprisingly turned out quite usable!

Эта сторона разворота посвящена поезде в Стразбург, я там бываю достаточно часто, поэтому никаких фотографий достопримечательностей, тем более, что там было очень холодно в тот день. Какждый раз, когда я еду во Францию, я не возвращаюсь без французской выпечки и других радостей гастрономии.




These are my favourite thickers from Amy Tangerine.

And this is the right side of the spread.

Here you can see Eduard who had birthday (on valentines day, by the way) and his stinking present, I’ve got the most stinky french cheese I could find in Strasbourg 😀

Это Эдуард, у которого было день рождения в день св. Валентина, и его подарок, самый сильно пахнущий сыр, который я только смогла найти во Франции.


And here is the epic moment! The chair is finally fixed! I’ve bought a good chair, so I thought, but there was some kind of production mistake and it took lots of time to get a spare detail.




I like a lot german traditional houses, here I was just walking in the neighbourhood and making some pics 🙂




Hope you are having a great day!



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