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Project Life | Week 8 | Do What You Love

So here it comes! My experimental in many ways week 8! This is my first year Project Life, I am really new to it and I am yet discovering my own style, I am pretty sure its will anyway change constantly as I like experiments and new ideas!

This is the heap of cards I ended up with after I finished weeks 8 & 9 🙂 I did it really fast this time! And I didn’t have to sit for hours and think of what paper to use or embellishment. It all came together faster than expected and its such a joy to see the work done, and here is the result!

Экспериментальная неделя 8. Я делаю этот проект первый год и совсем новичек в этом деле, мне еще предстоит открыть свой стиль. Я не боюсь экспериментировать, иногда получается удачно, иногда ужасно 🙂 Это стопка карточек для двух недель, я сделала их очень быстро! Очень приятно видеть работу сделанной!


The left side. Colourful, I know. I am not that happy about the colours, it’s a bit overwhelming, but that was an experiment, not the most successful one though, but important for sure!

А это как раз про неудачные эксперименты, цвета на этом развороте мне не очень нравятся, точнее обилие цветов, громоздко получилось.


What I’ve tried also – hand-write and colour with watercolours, you can see “Eight” and “I heart goodies” were just painted  by hand. I think I would like to try out more of that 😉

Тут я писала просто от руки и раскрашивала акварелью, очень нравится такой подход


Down you can see a photo of a picture 😉 I was playing around with a masking fluid and Mr.Huey’s mist.

А это фотография моего эксперимента с маскировочной жидкостью, очень понравлось с ней работать. Я написала буквы этой жидкостью, а потом сверху набрызгала спреем, потом слой засохшей жидкости просто удаляется! Вообще это техника для акварели, когда важно оставить место на бумаге нетронутым.


This is finally very warm yellow-green left side of the spread.


See again the letters. Most cool about watercolouring – you can use any colours you want!


My Saturday’s groceries also had to make it in the album, simply because I love my green grocery basket that I’ve bought some years ago on the African market here in Heidelberg, it’s handmade from natural materials only and possesses a great quality! I’ve been using it for a while now to carry heavy stuff as well and it still fine!

Поход за продуктами с моей любимой зеленой корзиной, которую я купила пару лет назад на африканском рынке, который открывается здесь каждое лето.


Here me and my friend Olya were choosing a flat to rent in Majorca. We plan to go there for Easter and we spent so much time to find something suitable and not that expensive. But now its all done! 🙂

Тут мы с Олей упорно пытаемся определиться с квартирой на Майорке, куда мы собираемся ехать на Пасху.


And this is the whole spread under a weird angle 😉 *I am not the best photographer*


Hugs from Heidelberg!



2 thoughts on “Project Life | Week 8 | Do What You Love

  1. Love your pages! There are so much details to look at. I’m doing PL, too, but digital. This is easier and faster for me.
    Found your blog because we are friends in Instagram (manusarts).
    And I think you’re a good photographer!
    Best wishes,

    • Hey there 🙂 Thank you so much!!! I totally understand that digital scrapbooking is less painful, but I want to spend less time in front of the computer after working the whole day with it. That is one of the big reasons, the second one – I just love all this cute scrapbooking supplies (which are eating my money..). Do you also purchase digital scrapbooking supplies?

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