I am in the mood for sewing


I started sewing before I even knew what scrapbooking is, but lately I was doing mostly only scrapbooking. Time to change!
So here are 2 projects of mine I have been working on yesterday and today.

First one and the biggest (and the cutest one) is this elephant. Last weekend I’ve learnt that friends of mine got a baby boy! And I came across this elephant on a blog of retromama, so that was a perfect match!  I totally love this cute creature which also can be used as a pillow. It was made from 100% cotton fabrics and filled with cotton and love 🙂

This elephant will fly behind the Arctic Circle, to Tromso, Norway. That’s where little Sigve lives 🙂

И вкратце по-русски: я давно ничего не шила кроме бумаги для скрапбукинга, а вот теперь добралась до тканей опять! Сшила слоненка для мальчика, который родился у друзей. Этот слоненок полетит за полярный круг в Норвегию! Смотрела погоду, там теплее, чем в Сибири 🙂 Слоненок-подушка сделан только из 100% хлопка, включая наполнение.


I’ve spent quite some time with embroidering the boy’s name “Sigve” (I am not the fastest embroiderer ever!), but here is the result!


And here is less interesting project, but more functional. I’ve got a new glove for fencing and I had to mark it somehow that it’s mine, so I came up with idea of embroidering an arrow (I like arrows from scrapbooking!). And man, that was hard! The glove is made from a special material which was nearly impossible to pierce through…

Другой проект этих выходных – перчатка. Конечно же перчатку я не шила, а купила. Это перчатка для фехтования. Мне нужно было ее как-то поментить, чтобы случайно не перепутать с чужой. Вышила стрелку на ней.


Hope you are having a more sunny Sunday than I do 🙂



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