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Project Life | Week 9

Here is yet another experimental weekly spread 🙂 Normally, I don’t use much of baby pink colour, but as you can see I have won Wilna’s class and got so inspired by her tender style (you can get more info here! So it all just came up by itself, I just had to print a photo of her class banner..

I think this is my favourite week so far, I totally love how gentle and tender it turned out! For this spread I’ve used (and fell in love with) Sundrifter paper pad.. Seriously, that’s the best! It’s perfect for project life and not only, it’s so easy to combine papers and add embellishment!

Неделя номер девять у меня тоже экспериментальная, из-за стиля, цвета. Я обычно не использую нежно-розовый цвет, у меня даже не было розового алфавита, как выяснилось. На этот разворот меня вдохновил класс Вильны (, который мне посчастливилось выиграть!


Here I’ve used my own carved arrow stamp, a wonderful stamp from Ali Edwards which says “amazing moments”, also this lovely camera sticker from Studio Calico Snippets collection.
А это тот самый штамп-стрела собственноручно вырезанный и запечатленный в неделе 7


And now, my dear reader, this is the best part of this spread for me! And the starting point. As I’ve mentioned above I was sooooo lucky to win the art class from Wilna! I am not yet through with it, but I really really love it! It inspires! I am so excited about her style!

Эта часть разворота у меня самая любимая 🙂 С нее он и начался.


This photo somehow reminds me on the wedding photography 🙂 As if it’s a bride’s bouquet. The tag says “Wednesday”, its the day when I made this photo of my  beautiful tulips.

Эта фотография мне очень напоминает свадебную, букет невесты почти 🙂 Люблю очень тюлпаны!



This is the right side of the spread. And it’s documenting my weekend. Yes, half of the week is the weekend 🙂 That’s the time when I make most of the pictures, as during the week there is often not that much that can be documented, except for routine..

А это правая часть разворота про мой выходной. В течении недели мало фотографирую, в основном рутина, работа-дом, ничего интересного, поэтому на выходные выпадает большая часть.


This is a photo of me going early in the morning to the scrapbook shop which is not that far! And thats the best thing for the morning! Such a therapy 😉


I like this little card featuring first flowers in my garden (and now it’s cold again.. brr-r-r).


And this is the fun part. I have those cute speech bubbles stickers from Studio Calico and there was this one among others which I didn’t know how to use, I am not cowboy type exactly 🙂 So I came up with the idea to glue it to that poor cock on the photo 😉


Hope you enjoyed it!
Wishing you a wonderful and sunny weekend!



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