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Deco card

If you’ve seen one of my previous posts about the Elephant you might want to see the second part of the present πŸ™‚
Originally it was planned as a card, but then it turned out a bit big and heavy, so I have decided to put it into the frame.
Quite some time ago I have seen one inspiring video tutorial on easy quilting cards, actually the technique was targeting cards from paper. But I went for fabrics that are the same as the elephant is made from, so they are a perfect match!


Here you can see the basic steps for how to get such quilting effect also with fabrics, hope you will get a general idea πŸ™‚

So first I cut out stripes of fabrics, mine are 1 inch wide and it doesn’t really matter how long they are, just should be longer than your future card.


In case of paper you would just glue this stripes one by one to the cardstock. In my case I glued the fabrics also on the paper measuring 6×6 inches (not yet card basis) using Vlieseline, hope you know what it is: kind of gluing material that you lie down between fabrics, go over with your iron and it binds them.
So I positioned stripes on the paper with a layer of this material in between and ironed it.


Then I trimmed off the excess.


And here comes the interesting part. You cut your stripes! But! In another direction as you can see it on the picture.


And then you get such stripes.


So instead of cutting out every single square and gluing it you can just position now those stripes as you like and you get a quilting effect so easily!


And this is more or less ready card. I sewed every row with zic-zac stitch on my machine, just to secure fabrics edges.
Then I went ahead and decorated it. In the end I thought it looks a little boring with only blue-brown colors, so I’ve added some reddish squares here and there, I just cut them out of paper and glued right on top!


And here is a better picture I made during the day light, so the colors are more realistic πŸ™‚
The frame actually is also self-made and painted with white acrylic color.


Hope this inspires you to try out such fun technique!
Happy Monday!


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