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Project Life | Week 10


I am glad that I finally found time to publish week 10 spread in the blog. I found out that working on 2 project life spreads at the same time works best for me!
So week 10 has been made together with week 11 which is yet to be published πŸ™‚
Things have been busy around here lately. I still have to pack my suitcase as I am going on vacation this Friday! (Yaayy!)

So here comes my crazily mixed week 10, I really used un-mixable stuff πŸ™‚ Oh well, I just have to try things out!


Left side.



Right side.



My dearest auto with ugly winter wheels. Although it was warm enough to go biking this day, it got really cold afterwards! I mean, really cold! Nor normal at all! There was even snow for a few days and I was glad I didnt change tires!

However, biking was fun! I realized how much I missed biking and how much I need warm weather again!


Spring! Please come!



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