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Project Life | Week 12


I think for the first time I didn’t have so many photos of the week, to compensate that I printed out a big photo of the frame & elephant that I arranged almost like a puzzle through 3 pockets.



Love these tiny flags that I cut out from scraps of paper.



The right side of the layout. Mostly tells the story of me participating in the secure driving training on the Hockenheim ring (Formula 1 is taking place there).


Here I had fun painting a path with cars that reminds me on the slalom exercise we had there.


I like this photo! Its there to document that I successfully fulfilled the exercise with full break and steering! And maan, my poor tires, it was smelling horribly like burnt rubber afterwards.


Here I’ve used Sketchbook thickers from American Crafts, I like the dimensional look they bring, although I must probably avoid using thick embellishment for my project life pages, otherwise I will need too many binders 😉


Honestly, I have already week 15 ready, which will come later! But! That doesnt mean that I’ve made weeks 13&14 already 😉 I skipped them for now and will first order many many photos from my vacation.
I think it works best for me, so I can go on with current weeks now and finish trip layouts later.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


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