If you are coming here from the Instagram you might already know that I am currently in Siberia, visiting my brother and father.
This place is 200 km away from Novosibirsk, more to the east.
I’ve snapped some pictures there to share with you.

If you ask me how the life is here, I will answer – horrible!
If you ask a local, he will answer – it’s alright!
The difference is shocking, even though I was here 9 months ago.
Apparently, I forgot how it is here during the summer. With bazillion mosquitos and no hot water for the rest of the month (yepp, that’s right! During pipeline maintenance you cannot get hot water in this little town, just use your pot and heat it up :))

The way here was quite nice, there is a direct flight from Frankfurt to Novosibirsk, which is expensive due to monopoly (only 1 airline provides a direct connection) but convenient! Mostly I was reading the book, I think I managed to read half and sleep for some hours during almost 7 hours flight.


And this is how this part of Siberia looks like from the air. Just woods, fields and nothing, no lights! Only a lonely road from one town to another (which might be more than a 100 km away from each other).


When I stepped out of the airplane I was watching blond women on the high-heeled shoes and make up this late evening (not sure either they are working for the airport or customs), they were busy waving papers around their faces like it was a fan but it wasn’t that hot.. And then I realized what’s going on. Suddenly millions of blood sucking flies started to surround me! They were going to my eyes and nose and, maaan, they hurt! They are very small but obviously contain enough poison to create a 1-2 cm aching and itching bruise on your body. Of course I know them since I know myself, but I forgot that it’s this time of the year.

I could write many chapters just about the taxi drivers. They are driving like z. This one is particularly interesting for having 2 mobile phones fixed on the steering wheel and for sure he was using them all the time.

And this is the view my friend’s apartment. Typical I would say, but this is still a new part of the city, so everything looks more friendly than in other parts..


One of the places I wanted to visit in Novosibirsk was a book store! It’s a paradise for me! I wanted to buy all of the books they had! In fact I am dreaming of having a library. Interesting fact, in my home town there is no real book store left. There were few even 3 years ago, but no longer.. Seems, books are of no interest here…


On the way back we were passing a park, which looked exactly like one in my home town 25 years ago. This stuff must be more than 30 years old!


It was a nice idea to take a tour on a giant wheel, which is not actually that giant 🙂


And then was the hell.

I took a taxi to get to the zoo with a suitcase, this is funny. It seemed that the driver didn’t have often clients who were asking to bring them to the central exit of the zoo with a heavy luggage 😀

The answer was simple – my brother was waiting for me there. He was also in Novosibirsk with his girl friend and a kid, visiting zoo. The way there was simply awful!

1,5 hours.. heat.. no air conditioning… polluted air.. many trucks smoking with black smoke.. And oh how scared I was! I heard such stories about India, but this must be worse! The road had officially 3 lines, but in fact I could count 5 or 6, we saw about 6 accidents on the way and 2 cars where engines overheated. I don’t remember such nightmares when I was living there for 6 years, it got worse, definitely!

IMG_5096 IMG_5097

And then it took us another 1,5 hours to get out of the city! And finally more or less free way! on the photo you can see a nice part of the road, later it was just one line each direction without any separators.


Afterwards, I was pretty happy to heat up water in the pot, mix it with cold water and take an improvised shower, helping myself with a big cup.

Don’t take anything for granted! That was the lesson 🙂


A glimpse of Siberia


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