Happy Little Moments

Hi 🙂

I know, I know. I’ve joined the group of lazy bloggers who fail to update their blogs 😉 Trying hard to change it!
There are just so many things going on that it’s hard to keep up! And August just kicked me out of normal life..
Also I am now officially back to the orchestra where we are currently preparing for the new program: Dvorak “Czech Suite” and beautiful violin romance, as well as Mendelssohn Symphony 1. And that really eats lots of my time.

Besides working full time and the orchestra there are still crafting projects ongoing. I have finished quite some projects, but they didn’t end up in my blog, at least not yet. Have to learn from that, currently trying to analyze why this happened. Is it only the time problem or is it the inconvenience of publishing photos here and writing text? I am quite active in instagram, this is just so easy: you make a photo, you do fast editing without copying your photos from mobile to computer, you write some short text, you post it – ready! I could of course still use my mobile to make posts in my blog, you’d say. Good idea, I’d answer! I will try that once. But the difference is a device you as a reader are using afterwards, it is clear that I cant just upload a tiny photo on the blog and expect someone using 24″ monitor enjoy it. It might look good on your iPhone, but I really do not like how it looks on the big monitor.

I actually have more thoughts about keeping up with the blog and, in general, keeping up with projects, I will make a note in my to-do list to share those thoughts with you.

But for now let me share with you my third layout I’ve created back in July (how comes the time went by so fast?).

This photo was made on Mallorca in March this year, we had a girls-only vacation in an amazing apartment just in the center of Palma de Mallorca. That was the time… 100% worth to capture and document!



I have a hidden journaling on this page, I needed to write down somethings, but didn’t want to do it directly on the layout, so it is hidden inside a pocket 🙂


Have a nice one!


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