The Quilt

Back in August I was like exploding with a desire to create a quilt! I’ve never done that before, didn’t read any book, didn’t do any course, but the wish was overwhelming. So I went through pins on the pinterest to figure out what pattern I actually want, so I came across some zick-zack quilt made out of triangles.

So here it is! It took me about 3 months to make it. Mostly because I am working full time and have only some hours during the week to work on it. And of course I had to learn doing so many things, like cutting out triangles, sewing them all in one piece, layering the quilt, sewing it all together, hand binding it.. Uff.. But I am so happy with the result!
It measures 200×150 cm.


How it all started…
(see more photos under the cut)





Happy cheers,


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