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Christmas phrases

Hi there!
Here’s another project of mine that I would like to share with you and I am so totally excited about it!
My crafty friend Anastasia ( gave me a good idea how I could use my handwriting! I was recently into writing with black ink and a soft brush, such a fun technique! And the next step was to create cut files for the silhouette cameo plotter.
The only time consuming part was to write a word in a way that I like, so I had to try multiple times. But afterwards I just needed to scan and trace in the cameo application. And that’s it! If you are interested, a link to download the .studio file is below. Enjoy!


Here you can see the phrases that are in the .studio file.


I’ve also tried gold embossing, white embossing and silver glitter cardstock

And actually you can combine other phrases out of the words 🙂

Below you can see work in progress. This is how many times I’ve tried to write :)))
Never comes that easy, had to try several times until I was happy with the result.


Have a great weekend!


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