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Project Life Catch Up | Week 38

While I was writing my yesterday’s post I felt that I need to share my insights of the game called “Catch up with your project life”. And one of the reasons is simple: when I write things down my chaotic thoughts are getting organized and I get a clearer picture of what I could do better. Might be that some of you have the same problem, so why not share? I would be really happy to hear about your tips & tricks on how you are keeping up with your Project Life!

With this series of posts I would like to identify and collect some hints that can help me to keep up with my Project Life in the future.

Hello, I am Olga and I have problems catching up with my Project Life 2013.

So here is my week 38.
This was the week with photos already printed and arranged! I am really thankful to myself for that! What I’ve learnt during this year of Project Life is that it takes me lots of time to choose photos, plan the spread and print them out.
Back in September I bought Canon Selphy which became my savior! This week was filled because I had fun using the printer! And when I have fun I want to do it as often as I can!
So, that’s my advice number 1: use tools and supplies that I love and have fun working with!
I didn’t have to spend much time to finish it! Just choosing some PL cards, adding some journaling and embellishments.
Advice number 2: print photos as soon as possible and fill the pockets with them.


Nope, that’s not my boyfriend over there 🙂
This part of the spread documents our team outing in France and many “back to..”, I was back to the orchestra after 1+ year break and back to the fencing club.

On the right side it’s more about the weekend, with harvesting my tomatoes and just visiting some nice places. And lying on my super small couch of course 🙂

Have a great week! And do not forget to document it 🙂


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