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Okay, so where did I stop?

Getting an eye infection was not part of my plans, for couple of weeks I was avoiding using computers and my irreplaceable iPad. I basically couldn’t do anything I am used to do when I have free time: couldn’t scrapbook or paint, couldn’t play cello (reading notes was just terrible for my eyes), couldn’t watch anything for a longer time… And that’s when I discovered audio books! I’ve never managed any before! My mind was starting to wander and think about something else and very soon the book was no longer interesting. But this time it was suddenly working! I started with the Little Prince (I read it some years ago, but nevertheless it was amazing), and currently I’m listening to Harry Potter books 🙂 even now, when my eye is back to normal, it’s just so convenient.

Meanwhile I have finished the January pages for the album which I will share later, and still 2 blog posts yet to come about catching up with the rest of the weeks of 2013.
And yes, Imust not forget to share the December daily project.

My new friend – tiny attacher, which works so good for me!
My recent addiction – circles!
My recent rediscovery – Dear Lizzy polka dot party collection, can’t get enough of it!




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