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Love Story Album, part 1


Sometimes life brings us new opportunities we shouldn’t fail to take.
And I often fail 🙂 But not this time!
One wonderful girl that I met 6-7 years ago in cold Novosibirsk asked if I could make a project life documenting hers and her fiancées love story (currently husband, congratulations guys!), this was her present for him.
And oh my I didn’t know what to answer! On the one side I was eager to make people smile and bring them positive emotions, on the other – I was scared, what if I won’t manage a project that big in short time? What if they won’t like it at all? In short – I had many doubts. But I said yes and I am glad I did!
I’ve learnt a lot meanwhile, for example, that I am capable of finishing a big project in time with a satisfying quality! Planning it in details, executing, correcting, (testing and roll out to the customer lol). It was a big pain sometimes as I had to devote my evenings and weekends for it (full time working in the office during the day..), but also a big joy! I am feeling like being part of this family now as I went through the photos and stories again and again.
But don’t want to bother you with thousands of words, I will have another post about the process and thoughts about making PL albums for other people.

You will see that I left space for their stories, we were considering whether I should write myself or print on the computer, but in the end I thought it would be more personal if she will add the text with her own hand when she’d receive the album.
I’ve used lots of dear lizzy products to create something light, colorful and positive.
For now enjoy the pictures 🙂 And don’t forget that it is a love STORY, everything is done in chronological order and the first chapter of this story called “How it all started”, the beginning of their relationship.

Unfortunately, as I was that short in time and I had to send it before my vacation I didn’t have time to make good photos.. Lesson learned: include photoshooting to the execution plan!

So here it comes nevertheless. Let me introduce you to The Love Story Album!


This is the front page featuring her and him 🙂 I find this photo with a clover mustache is just so awesome!

The first spread.

Left side

Right side. Here you can see a little green note to myself to print out their first chats.

Second spread.

Left side.

Right side.

I am very thankful to Oksana and Michael that they let me share these pictures with you now 🙂

To be continued…


Much love,


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