Start where you are

Hi there!

If you are following me on Instagram (user in_heidelberg) you might have seen that I am sketching a lot lately. And I would like to write a few words about my motivation 🙂

I believe sketching can change life and so I am giving it a try 🙂

And I want to:
– document my life not only via photographs, but also through paintings
– improve my skills
– inspire and get inspired
– meet those of you who are like me daring to paint without being a professional artist

I have set up a little project for myself and for everyone called “Sketch this moment” (#sketchthismoment in Instagram): start where you are and sketch the moment you are in right now. The idea is to paint what you see live indoors or outdoors, not from a photograph, following the philosophy of urban sketchers.

I encourage you to join and give it a try!

Many hugs,



8 thoughts on “Start where you are

  1. I can relate to this a LOT! I love taking photographs but also enjoy drawing and have done both on and off for a long time. I just started drawing fairly regularly again a couple of years ago and like you I’m keen to get into the swing of documenting my life in both photos and drawings. Have you been taking part in Sketchbook Skool this year?

    • I am so happy to hear that I am not alone!!! 🙂 (sending a virtual high five to you)
      What is sketchbook school? I’ve never heard of. Do you have a link?

    • This is kool! I checked their page. I looove works of Cathy Johnson and secretly admire her 🙂
      So how do you like it? Do you receive lots of inspiration? Techniques, ideas?

      • Cathy is great isn’t she? I’ve really enjoyed SBS. I think I got more out of semester 2 than 1 but that’s more because I was ill during semester 1 so couldn’t put in quite as much effort as I have this time round.

        They’re currently filming the 3rd klass so I’m keen to find out who the next group of teachers will be and what the theme is.

        The idea behind it is more to do with inspiration I’d say and there is a lot of that! The teachers do demo’s and show some technique too and then set little homework tasks which you can share within the group. Definitely worth the money I’d say.

      • Somehow didn’t manage to comment in your blog.. You have really wonderful sketches! I enjoyed browsing through them!
        Hope to see more 🙂

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