Have you ever been to Heidelberg?

If not you must come 🙂
Seriously, its one of the most cute places in Germany.
And here is a nice and destroyed castle with garden where we were painting one weekend.
The trees in the garden are ginormous!


So I’ve sketched a promenade where I wanted to catch people or better to say shadows of these people watching heidelberg from the top (the view is amazing, must post it for you next time).
I think I can whine about what is wrong for long time 🙂 but will spare you and myself. Instead I will say: I will practice painting figures next time and will work on the shades.
And if you are like me (with preinstalled self-criticism) just make sure that its not demotivating you!


This one has an interesting story. I was sitting and trying really hard to paint the roots of the tree and the light, with all the details, but I was at the point when I decided that the painting is spoiled and if its already spoiled that means I can spoil it even more without concentrating on small details but just letting myself go. And as a result this is nearly one of my favorite paintings 🙂

Note to myself:
spoil more!!! 🙂


Enjoy your Sunday!


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