Go out!

Beautiful places and nature are sources of endless inspiration for me!

I think I can spend hours walking through the woods and fields, enjoying the calmness at any weather. When it comes to sketching, despite the fact that I love architecture, I find it very therapeutic to paint outdoors in a silent place without busy streets and cars. And nature is a perfect place for that!
Another point for going out to such places is a possibility to paint undisturbed by other people especially if you don’t feel comfortable having someone looking over your shoulder.

That weekend we went to paint in Pfalz, it’s also called German Tuscany (for a good reason), its less than an hour drive from Heidelberg. If you are ever in Germany rent a car/bike and visit some of the cutest towns in this region! Especially during autumn! The wine festivals will start! This region is famous for the wine 😉 and blooming almond trees in spring.
I think I can talk a lot about this area! But I am sure there are nice places around you as well!
Give it a try! Go for a walk and take your sketchbook with you 🙂


The wine grapes plantations 🙂

And this is me peacefully and mindfully painting the beautiful scenery.



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