Life in a Siberian village


So folks, I am somewhere here right now. There isn’t much around šŸ™‚
When I arrived it was really warm here for this time of the year (17C), but the temperatures dropped again, and currently it’s below 0C during the night.. Brrr…

First days me and my brother went to the village where we have a house, gardens, sheep and where my father lives. My moms grave is there, she asked to burry her there under the birch trees (her favorite). And of course I went to visit her as soon as I could, and as you can imagine it is never easy… šŸ˜¦

Afterwards my brother had to help our dad to collect beets for the sheep from the fields, lots of beets..

By the way, the dog on the photo is terrible scared of my iPhone šŸ™‚ Every year. It takes a moment for him to realize that I am making a photo of him and the next moment he’s running away šŸ™‚








Have a good one


4 thoughts on “Life in a Siberian village

  1. Thank you for sharing all those nice pictures and impressions. It reminds me very much of the time at my grandpa’s place in my childhood šŸ™‚ would really love to see that live šŸ™‚

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