A day in life

If I would describe you my day here (in Siberia visiting my family) I would start with my jet lag that lets me get up only at 11am (i am very far East, and I bet my previous jet lag from SF is still there). And after breakfast I start my tour through various bureaucracy offices running from one office to another to finish paper work and sort out various documents of mine. This is no fun! I also have to find places where I can make copies or print out some docs, since normal folks here can’t afford having a printer at home, nor spare place for it.
And after I’m back at 6pm, our little fella comes back from school (my nephew) and I am doing homework with him. He is so excited to do it with me ๐Ÿ™‚ But it’s often hard to make him sit still after he consumed strong black tea with a bag of cookies (he eats many times more than me!).
So it takes us 2 hours straight to finish homework. That’s tough for a second grader.
And afterwards he shows me how to shoot on the computer and photos he made at school, and no wonder he has hard times going to bed..
I feel really sorry for him since he does not like playing with toys or painting, all he can do to entertain himself is to use a computer! Like mostly all children here! This is terrifying to see empty playgrounds knowing that kids are sitting in front of the computers.
I do my best to make him read a book for me, or draw something, but things can’t be changed fast and I already have to leave quite soon.

But take a look how creatively people use plastic bottles and other plastic garbage to decorate outside.
Piggies from big plastic bottles and a reindeer with a lamp instead of horns ๐Ÿ™‚
Also they use old tires to create swans, storks and many more.






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