It was such a lovely autumn day today that it would have been a waste to stay at home!
And so we headed to the city park with my brothers girlfriend and her 7 year old son. Our small town is not so spectacular, but probably gives you a good impression of an average town in Russia far from the capital.





And afterwards was a cinema visit. Quite unexpected one and our little friend (my nephew) got upset that he was not allowed to drink coffee there.
We went for boxtrolls and I am pretty sure I loved it more than all children in the cinema all together 🙂 Truly amazing work! So many details and so different, the textures, the characters.. And fun, too!
What was interesting – you get 3D glasses and a napkin to clean them from the previous usage.. Hmm.
When we came home we had to paint some trolls as you can see 🙂


Tired but content greetings


One thought on “Boxtrolls

  1. Nice impressions … one thing I took with me is that no matter how different some things might be – the autumn colored trees are looking very familiar … so if I would be there and feeling lost – I guess the first thing I would do was going for those meadows and trees, the river 🙂 Thanks for sharing the impressions.
    Btw. Egor seems really to be a nice funny guy – despite the computer games 🙂

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