San Francisco. China Town.

Do I have to mention that I fell in love with SF? 🙂
I will share some more photos from the trip. Currently missing Califronia and its sun a lot and doing some post-sketches.

China town in SF.


Food was awesome 😀 Yumm


7 thoughts on “San Francisco. China Town.

  1. Tasha says:

    Hi Olya,

    I just found your blog through Caylee’s and I love the style of your sketches etc. so much!

    I have a really strange question for you though: please can you let me know the name of the font that you are using for your blog post titles etc. I love it and would love to include it in my Project Life!

    Thank you!

    • Hi Tasha,

      I wish I could answer this question… I tried to find it out, but I don’t see this info anywhere. I am using theme “Ryu” from wordpress, tried to google it, too, but unsuccessfully.


  2. Hi Olya,
    and did I say “hi, Caylee sent me” 🙂
    Have a nice day … and I really like those nice drawings in Caylee’s feature… please make them also available here … they are nice!

    • Thank you so much Ana! I still have some more paintings from SF to come. This city and area are just awesome!
      And ohh maaan would I like to go back to SF for painting and enjoying sun, ocean, food, great coffee and local life!

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