Bookbinding experience

When I was packing my luggage for San Francisco I was thinking which sketchbooks to take with me.. And I wasn’t 100% happy with any of the ones that I own.
Some are too heavy, some have too large format and some simply do not have good paper for watercolors.
That’s how I came to the idea of actually daring and trying out bookbinding – creating a sketchbook in a format that I want with the paper that I like.
As simple as that. If there’s nothing you like – make it yourself 🙂

Funny enough I found my sewing and scrapbooking tools being very useful for bookbinding, too!

And so I bought A1 sheets of good watercolor paper (Fabriano, 300g), watched at least 10 YouTube videos about bookbinding (in the end I combined various techniques), cut paper in the size I needed, took a needle and a thread and stitched the folded sheets together into a small book.
That was basically it. I’ve made a very simple cover from leather and the sketchbook was ready!



This is a sketch I’ve made inside the dark car in the vista point (if I am correct
with the name..). It is just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.
I could not really see well what colors I was mixing in my palette, fun fun!

And there’s the whole story about this small d-tour over the Golden Gate Bridge that is totally worth sharing! But next time.


Have a beautiful weekend you guys!


6 thoughts on “Bookbinding experience

  1. Das Sketchbook ist sieht super aus!
    Ich kenne das Problem, bisher habe ich auch noch keines gefunden, mit dem ich 100%i zufrieden war, weil meistens das Papier viel zu dünn ist. Kannst du mir sagen, wo kann man denn solche Lederzuschnitte bekommen, wie die sie verwendet hast?

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