12 habits a year, Private

12 habits a year


I didn’t arrive into 2015, you guys 🙂

My mind is still figuring out what I want to do this year, creating long lists of things I would like to do. But now I came up with a good development program for myself that I am happy to announce here to be accountable for it.

It is about staying healthy in body and mind, about being creative and about being disciplined.

The story goes back couple of months when I saw and admired girls Andrea and Caylee for being able to make good habits in their lives. I am a person who is obviously lacking some discipline, didn’t you notice? 😉

Next thing I saw it was Elise’s calendar: you commit to doing one thing (e.g. get up at 6 AM) and you cross out days when you do it. This calendar is supposed to motivate and help to keep going. For a moment I started thinking what would be this one thing that I would like to do every single day of the year? Or, what would I like to make my habit?

I was not able to come up with a single answer. There are simply so many aspects in my life where I would like to work on, but it makes no sense to have several such calendars in parallel, I don’t think it would work.

And at that very moment my thoughts went back to the idea that it takes 21 day to create a habit (some scientists say it actually takes 66 days) and then I came to the conclusion that I want to pick 12 routines/habits/actions that I will be doing one by one each month in 2015.

I don’t like to call them habits actually, I am fine if I won’t keep on doing them later on every day, but I might still have them in my life in one way or another.

So, have a list of 12+ potential habits or routines that cover health, mind and creative part of my life, like:

  • doing yoga every day
  • being thankful
  • meditate
  • have one mindful meal a day
  • make a sketch a day
  • etc

They are not in a final order, but I know what I pick this month and I will pick something later for February, too. I know that forcing myself never really works, so I have to figure out how I can do it best, whatever will work for me.

Cheers to 2015! Bring it on!


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