12 habits a year

Weekly progress update on 12 habits a year. Habit #1.

Yet another week is nearly over and I’m happy to confirm that my habit is thriving!

And even more, the success motivated me to start with the second habit already – daily yoga exercises (5 days are in the pocket by now)! Obviously nothing motivates me more than being ahead of a schedule (almost :))
But I have to be careful with taking on too many habits in parallel.

There are still many uncertainties about how to document habits or how to visualize the progress especially after a few month if I’ll continue keeping old habits and making new ones.
I will figure it out.

For January I felt like painting a raindrop progress calendar with my watercolors. The current weather heavily influenced the theme – it’s raining a lot over here!
Every raindrop is a day when I succeeded with my habit, in this case these are the days when I was intentionally grateful. 17 days in January so far.


Have a beautiful day!

This is an update on 12 habits a year project I am doing in 2015. The month January is for being grateful daily. Read more about the project here and about January here


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