12 habits a year, Scrapbooking

Weekly progress update


The Filofax Malden that you can see on this photo was definitely a highlight of the day! It finally arrived from London. Well, to be honest, an even bigger highlight for my cello soul was a string quartet workshop in Heidelberg with two French quartets playing Debussy. Just way too many things to be grateful for 🙂

My habit #1 has been chosen wisely to start with. It’s easy to remember, it does not take much time to at least think about what I am grateful for, it is fast to document – just one or more sentences. Not to mention a positive impact of this little habit! And of course the success of doing it every day motivates me to continue.

Somehow it’s hard to believe that the next week will be the last in January. I so got used to my habit that a thought of taking on a new habit and making it the main one makes me feel a little uncomfortable 🙂

But first thing first! Still one more week to enjoy and celebrate my habit #1.

Wishing you a great week

This is an update on 12 habits a year project I am doing in 2015. The month January is for being grateful daily. Read more about the project here and about January here


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