12 habits a year

Weekly progress update


February, you are already too fast!

It is scary how terribly fast the week passed by. Flew by.
I had tons of things to learn and to do at work, and now I’m on a painting workshop for the whole weekend (which is really nice but oh so hard for my back).

So this week I was trying keep up with the yoga routine, and it was rather easy, I found myself looking forward for it. Well, I skipped one day, to be honest, due to sickness. Is it even a good idea to do yoga when you’ve caught cold?!

I am using my iPad with yoga studio app installed and it works good. You can select any program you like: stretching, relaxation, power etc… I did 15 and 30 minutes of combination and relaxation program, today I am definitely doing yoga against back pains (after painting in weird positions).
And looking forward to try one hour program once I’m fit again.

Have a great weekend!

P.S.: I am kind of starting to dislike my yoga mat, I can’t do downward dog pose as my hands and feet are sliding away.. Grrr.. But still love its turquoise color 🙂


This is an update on 12 habits a year project I am doing in 2015. February is for daily yoga. Read more about the project here.


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