12 habits a year

Daily yoga. Weekly progress update.

Okay guys, I have to admit that February is not the best choice for daily yoga if I would like to target 100% completion. It’s the sickest time over here filled with bazillas, bacterias and viruses, at least that’s how it feels. I’ve skipped two days because “fit” was not the word that I would describe my state those days.
My result is 5 out of 7.
I had 15 and 30 minutes practices that included relaxation, flexibility and yoga for back. I am still hell inflexible though 😉 but hopefully it can be trained over time (and better weather).

The other 2 days I have compensated yoga with meditation which is anyway on my list of projects for the upcoming months.
Many people do meditation in the morning, but I really enjoy the effect right before going to bed, I sleep like an angel afterwards 😉

Luckily the week was not all that bad. I took half day off from work on Wednesday and that was most probably the best idea of this year so far 🙂
Had some small iPhone photo shoot with my weekend planner in between coffee+cake time. Fun fun!



This is an update on 12 habits a year project I am doing in 2015. February is for daily yoga. Read more about the project here.


2 thoughts on “Daily yoga. Weekly progress update.

  1. Hallo Olya,

    wir (d.h. eine Bekannte und ich) organisieren gerade einen Crop hier in der Gegend (in Eppelheim) und es sind noch ein paar Plätze frei. Da bist du mir eingefallen. Hättest du denn Interesse? Er findet am 21.03. statt und ist tagsüber.

    Falls du Zeit/Lust hast, zu kommen, schreibe mir einfach eine Mail und ich schicke dir die genauen Infos.

    Liebe Grüße

    • Hi Moni! OMG, danke für die Einladung!!! Ich habe grade erst deinen Kommentar gelesen… Das wäre so toll! Aber leider habe ich eine Cello Session an diesem Samstag… So schade 😦 Vielleicht können wir uns zumindest für einen Kaffee treffen?

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