12 habits a year, Private

Weekly progress update on 12 habits a year. Habit #1.

Hey there!
First of all thank you for stopping by!

This is an update on 12 habits a year project I am doing in 2015. The month January is for being grateful daily. Read more about the project here and about January here.

So far so good!
I’ve managed to be grateful every day of December and January up to now. Mostly these were some smaller things like a nice walk, a good talk, sports, but there were some bigger things, too 🙂
I am writing down some things in my planner to keep track, but for me this is not so important, most important is to notice the moments, actions, people that are part of my life.

And I have to admit it’s not always simple.. I’ve noticed that it’s incredibly hard to feel grateful when I am having hard times.. I ended up forcing myself to see the positive, but it’s oh so difficult.. Luckily most of the time it works just fine! Phew..

There’s one funny thing that I started to notice on my way to work.. There are always 2 traffic lights that were mostly always red for me so I had to wait. Once it happened that it stayed green a little longer and I was in a mode of being grateful and said “thank you” (weird, right?), then the second traffic light also stayed green longer than usual. I know that might sound totally weird haha 😀 But sometimes when I’d say thank you, traffic lights are getting green so much faster or staying green longer!
I believe it’s the whole concept of being grateful! The world and people around are just getting nicer to you 🙂

I’ve painted this small sketch to document this hilarious (or ridiculous) thing about traffic lights to remember.

Wishing you a wonderful week!


12 habits a year, Private

January | Habit 1

For January I’ve picked a habit that I started in December and so badly want to continue.

I want to be grateful for small or big things every single day.

As simple as that.

Back in November I received a gorgeous stamp from lovely bckueser and stamped a planner that I bought in San Francisco with it. I didn’t think I will be that motivated to fill it. Currently December is filled and now January is starting to get busy, too!


Be grateful!


12 habits a year, Private

12 habits a year


I didn’t arrive into 2015, you guys 🙂

My mind is still figuring out what I want to do this year, creating long lists of things I would like to do. But now I came up with a good development program for myself that I am happy to announce here to be accountable for it.

It is about staying healthy in body and mind, about being creative and about being disciplined.

The story goes back couple of months when I saw and admired girls Andrea and Caylee for being able to make good habits in their lives. I am a person who is obviously lacking some discipline, didn’t you notice? 😉

Next thing I saw it was Elise’s calendar: you commit to doing one thing (e.g. get up at 6 AM) and you cross out days when you do it. This calendar is supposed to motivate and help to keep going. For a moment I started thinking what would be this one thing that I would like to do every single day of the year? Or, what would I like to make my habit?

I was not able to come up with a single answer. There are simply so many aspects in my life where I would like to work on, but it makes no sense to have several such calendars in parallel, I don’t think it would work.

And at that very moment my thoughts went back to the idea that it takes 21 day to create a habit (some scientists say it actually takes 66 days) and then I came to the conclusion that I want to pick 12 routines/habits/actions that I will be doing one by one each month in 2015.

I don’t like to call them habits actually, I am fine if I won’t keep on doing them later on every day, but I might still have them in my life in one way or another.

So, have a list of 12+ potential habits or routines that cover health, mind and creative part of my life, like:

  • doing yoga every day
  • being thankful
  • meditate
  • have one mindful meal a day
  • make a sketch a day
  • etc

They are not in a final order, but I know what I pick this month and I will pick something later for February, too. I know that forcing myself never really works, so I have to figure out how I can do it best, whatever will work for me.

Cheers to 2015! Bring it on!


Oh, hey there!

I am beyond thrilled! My dear Caylee featured me in her blog (I am a fan of hers, ye ken), this is an honor for me!
Thank you so much Caylee, especially for your beautiful words! I got goose skin and my eyes might have been a bit more wet than usual.

And hello to you, my new friend! Happy to see you here 🙂
I wish the blog stats could show your name, not just adding +1 visitor to the stats..


I truly had lots of fun drawing this little creations and trying to answer Caylee’s questions about me 🙂

And I just have to re-blog Caylee’s post since I would like to keep in on my blog, too.

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A day in life

If I would describe you my day here (in Siberia visiting my family) I would start with my jet lag that lets me get up only at 11am (i am very far East, and I bet my previous jet lag from SF is still there). And after breakfast I start my tour through various bureaucracy offices running from one office to another to finish paper work and sort out various documents of mine. This is no fun! I also have to find places where I can make copies or print out some docs, since normal folks here can’t afford having a printer at home, nor spare place for it.
And after I’m back at 6pm, our little fella comes back from school (my nephew) and I am doing homework with him. He is so excited to do it with me 🙂 But it’s often hard to make him sit still after he consumed strong black tea with a bag of cookies (he eats many times more than me!).
So it takes us 2 hours straight to finish homework. That’s tough for a second grader.
And afterwards he shows me how to shoot on the computer and photos he made at school, and no wonder he has hard times going to bed..
I feel really sorry for him since he does not like playing with toys or painting, all he can do to entertain himself is to use a computer! Like mostly all children here! This is terrifying to see empty playgrounds knowing that kids are sitting in front of the computers.
I do my best to make him read a book for me, or draw something, but things can’t be changed fast and I already have to leave quite soon.

But take a look how creatively people use plastic bottles and other plastic garbage to decorate outside.
Piggies from big plastic bottles and a reindeer with a lamp instead of horns 🙂
Also they use old tires to create swans, storks and many more.






Life in a Siberian village


So folks, I am somewhere here right now. There isn’t much around 🙂
When I arrived it was really warm here for this time of the year (17C), but the temperatures dropped again, and currently it’s below 0C during the night.. Brrr…

First days me and my brother went to the village where we have a house, gardens, sheep and where my father lives. My moms grave is there, she asked to burry her there under the birch trees (her favorite). And of course I went to visit her as soon as I could, and as you can imagine it is never easy… 😦

Afterwards my brother had to help our dad to collect beets for the sheep from the fields, lots of beets..

By the way, the dog on the photo is terrible scared of my iPhone 🙂 Every year. It takes a moment for him to realize that I am making a photo of him and the next moment he’s running away 🙂








Have a good one


If you are coming here from the Instagram you might already know that I am currently in Siberia, visiting my brother and father.
This place is 200 km away from Novosibirsk, more to the east.
I’ve snapped some pictures there to share with you.

If you ask me how the life is here, I will answer – horrible!
If you ask a local, he will answer – it’s alright!
The difference is shocking, even though I was here 9 months ago.
Apparently, I forgot how it is here during the summer. With bazillion mosquitos and no hot water for the rest of the month (yepp, that’s right! During pipeline maintenance you cannot get hot water in this little town, just use your pot and heat it up :))

The way here was quite nice, there is a direct flight from Frankfurt to Novosibirsk, which is expensive due to monopoly (only 1 airline provides a direct connection) but convenient! Mostly I was reading the book, I think I managed to read half and sleep for some hours during almost 7 hours flight.


And this is how this part of Siberia looks like from the air. Just woods, fields and nothing, no lights! Only a lonely road from one town to another (which might be more than a 100 km away from each other).


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A glimpse of Siberia