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Love Story Album, the Proposal


And so this is the final part of the lovely album I made for Oksana and Michael πŸ™‚
It was quite some work for me, but definitely pleasant work!




And the very final spread.
How romantic is it to make a proposal in Barcelona! Funny enough after sending the album to Oksana I was flying to my spanish vacation, where I most probably visited the same place where the proposal took place πŸ™‚




Happy end!

Well, actually this is not the end of the album.. I’ve sent page protectors and project life cards along with the album πŸ™‚ Hopefully they will find time to continue what I have started!

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Warm wishes,

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Love Story Album, part 4


This is the next portion of the album before the final one. I’ve made this love story album for a very nice and lovely couple. Read more in the first post.
I know, I know.. It takes like forever to upload and publish all the photos!
The following spreads document trips to Russia and London. Enjoy!



I like like like this page! The kissing couples are just a perfect match, don’t you think?!



Also like this gorgeous cut file with circles.


Yet another winter spread. If you go to Siberia, you have to document it properly πŸ˜‰




And the London trip.. I definitely would love to go there now πŸ™‚




If you are wondering why there are so many empty spaces – I left it for the couple to write down their stories.

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Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Love Story Album, part 3


The third part of the love story album is on the table!
This is one of my favorite spreads I think, about beautiful Prague πŸ™‚
Less word more photos –> enjoy!




And another spread about a happy couple πŸ™‚




This spread documents their trip to Berlin.. Ah, Berlin… Have to visit it again πŸ˜‰





Wishing you all a nice week!

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Love Story Album, part 1


Sometimes life brings us new opportunities we shouldn’t fail to take.
And I often fail πŸ™‚ But not this time!
One wonderful girl that I met 6-7 years ago in cold Novosibirsk asked if I could make a project life documenting hers and her fiancΓ©es love story (currently husband, congratulations guys!), this was her present for him.
And oh my I didn’t know what to answer! On the one side I was eager to make people smile and bring them positive emotions, on the other – I was scared, what if I won’t manage a project that big in short time? What if they won’t like it at all? In short – I had many doubts. But I said yes and I am glad I did!
I’ve learnt a lot meanwhile, for example, that I am capable of finishing a big project in time with a satisfying quality! Planning it in details, executing, correcting, (testing and roll out to the customer lol). It was a big pain sometimes as I had to devote my evenings and weekends for it (full time working in the office during the day..), but also a big joy! I am feeling like being part of this family now as I went through the photos and stories again and again.
But don’t want to bother you with thousands of words, I will have another post about the process and thoughts about making PL albums for other people.

You will see that I left space for their stories, we were considering whether I should write myself or print on the computer, but in the end I thought it would be more personal if she will add the text with her own hand when she’d receive the album.
I’ve used lots of dear lizzy products to create something light, colorful and positive.
For now enjoy the pictures πŸ™‚ And don’t forget that it is a love STORY, everything is done in chronological order and the first chapter of this story called “How it all started”, the beginning of their relationship.

Unfortunately, as I was that short in time and I had to send it before my vacation I didn’t have time to make good photos.. Lesson learned: include photoshooting to the execution plan!

So here it comes nevertheless. Let me introduce you to The Love Story Album!


This is the front page featuring her and him πŸ™‚ I find this photo with a clover mustache is just so awesome!

The first spread.

Left side

Right side. Here you can see a little green note to myself to print out their first chats.

Second spread.

Left side.

Right side.

I am very thankful to Oksana and Michael that they let me share these pictures with you now πŸ™‚

To be continued…


Much love,

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Project Life | Week 44


Hello there week 44 πŸ™‚

Actually this is one of my recent spreads, some of you might notice Midnight Core Kit that I’ve used on this page together with couple of cards from other editions (do not ask me which edition this is, I’ve got a surprise mail from nice Katharina who has sent me some cards from different kits).

This spread was oh so easy to finish as I had a clear color pallet in my mind right after I printed out the mandarin photos! And that really works for me!

Advice number 5: choose 2-3 colors that go well with photos and that will help to limit the choice of papers and embellishment

Advice number 6: if you are short on time use ready project life cards, it saves time on cutting (rounding corners)

This layout was finished quite fast, if you take a closer look you won’t see many tiny details, so I was motivated to do the next one right away!
Hooray for minimalism!




Enjoy your week!