12 habits a year. Half way through!

In December I’ve made a deal with myself to establish one habit a month and doing the activity daily (if possible).

It is hard to believe but the first half of the year is over. Did you realize that already? For my 12 habits a year project it means a lot. It means I am half through!? Of course not all of them will stay forever with me, or some are already faded away, but I am totally fine with that. As long as most important of them stay.

Meanwhile I’ve learn a bit more about myself and I am so glad I dared to try and start this venture 🙂

That is my list of habits so far:

January. Being grateful every day. Overfullfilled and I am trying to keep it.
February. Daily yoga. Partly failed due to sickness, but I still coninue it from time to time.
March. Speaking german on a daily basis. It did work for about a month, but I cannot call it a habit 😀
April. Practicing cello. It worked out quite well, though this is not working for me on a daily basis (well, mostly it doesn’t work for my neighbors ;))
May. Daily italian. Yepp, I am learning italian! So much fun! And good progress on both the language and the habit 
June. First two weeks of June I spent in Portugal, where I was not able to keep up with any habit, but eating tasty food every day 😀 To be 100% fair with myself I cannot name one habit for the whole month, it was a combination. And the reason for that is that I simply did not name a habit in advance, just to let myself do whatever comes to my mind. What I did a lot this month were sketches, that actually grew into some kind of addiction by now.

What I have learnt: 

  • “Month” is a human invented convention. Apparently, I am not living by months and I never thought about that before (why not?). I basically do not care what month it is right now, I know it’s summer and it’s hot 🙂 All I need to know. Thats why I was starting my habits earlier than the first of the month and it works for me better than an accurate plan.
  • Plans are there to be changed and adapted. I have actually written down planned habits in December, good thing I do not need to follow the plan 🙂 Italian was not on the list, I did not know back then that I will start learning this beautiful language.
  • I need my ‘lazy’ days without anything planned. That is the I am most creative 🙂

Lets see what July will bring 🙂