12 habits a year

12 habits a year. Progress update and a new habit.

A progress update which is no longer weekly 😀

Oops… how did that happen? I am trying to get back into the routine again. The nasty flu threw me completely out of order for 2 weeks, no yoga, you can imagine. That felt nearly like fiasco for my 12 habits a year project! Especially, since the week before I got ill I’ve managed to do yoga every day and then baaaammm! Fever.

You know, the harderst part for me right now is to pick up on the habits again and continue even when it didn’t work as I planned.

So here’s the thing. The february habit “Daily yoga” is officially over, but I will continue with yoga hopefully as “daily” as possible in the future. I did develop kind of a habit with it, at least I am willing to do it and thinking of it often. I cannot call it failure, right? And I won’t.

And a new habit is officially on! I commit to speak, read or write german daily for as long as I can without giving up and switching to English. Even though I am living in Germany for quite some time now it is still challenging to speak German, most of people I know are speaking English and for many of them it is easier to speak English than German 🙂 In the company where I am working English is the official language. So I’ve got spoiled (yet again). I can understand German very well by now (except for some weird dialect, and here are so many!), I  can read but I don’t quite enjoy it, I can speak but I make bazillion of mistakes. And I do feel ashamed of myself.

So here I come! This one is really tough for me! So much tougher than all daily yogas together…

I started already this week with this habit (I mean, consciously of course, I did speak German occasionally before) and the result is quite okay, far from perfect as I am still staying in my comfort English zone too often, but I am working on it!


(the photo above is from my garden, spring has never been that close)

This is an update on 12 habits a year project I am doing in 2015. February was for daily yoga and March is for speaking German daily. Read more about the project here.


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